Exquisite Quality
Austrian Crystals
Be fully mesmerised with our love themed crystal jewellery. Manufactured in Austria, the birthplace of Swarovski.
Once upon a time...

Jewellery Nest was founded by the Raymode family, presenting you with a nest filled with beautifully designed, insanely majestic, heart warming jewellery that can captivate any soul alive.

Jewellery Nest began as a community focused on giving back and showing appreciation to others especially our loved ones through the simple act
of gifting.

Over time it emerged into an online gift shop, a magical place full of sparkly and shiny jewellery perfect for that special person in your life.

Jewellery Nest produces jewellery that is 100% hypoallergenic. Our jewellery exceeds expectations, let it become a memoir for many generations to come!

At Jewellery Nest, we take great care to minimise how our activities impact the earth and our environment. We continuously strive to lower our environmental footprint. We make sure our products are crafted with integrity when it comes to sustainability.

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Angel of Love

How long more does she need to wait?

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Your chance to reveal the secret admirer. It's time she knew, don't you think?

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Dancing Ring

A truly stunning piece of jewellery bound to make her heart flutter wildly.

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